Workforce Development

As a workforce development consultancy, Intended Future adds value to your organisation by designing innovative workforce development solutions that are purposely customized to your organisation. By project managing their implementation, this leads to superior workforce capability, and advances your organisation towards meeting goals and objectives.

We will work with your executive team to collaboratively determine your organisation’s workforce capability requirements. In doing this, we will incorporate your organisation’s goals and direction to achieve and deliver strategic and organisational outcomes.

This will guarantee that the workforce development strategies we put into place are sustainable, and distinctively suited to your workforce characteristics and organisational context.

Through continued work throughout many sectors, we have developed the capability to integrate and work successfully with different cultures. The strategies we develop are culturally appropriate to ensure effective implementation.

Workforce Development Services

  • Workforce planning strategies
  • Workforce development strategies
  • Role redesign
  • Competency mapping


Organisational Learning

Intended Future works with you to enhance the process of Organisational learning facilitating the development of the knowledge necessary to survive and compete in your organisations external/internal environment. This includes the development of knowledge and understanding, shared among organisational employees, that leads to effective action. Intended Future supports your organisation to create the capacity to acquire  and share the knowledge necessary to support sustainability.

Our services include:

  • Strategic guidance regarding the multitude of complex government funded training opportunities. We help identify and manage the application for government assistance.
  •  Professional advice on the subject of Training Packages, Qualifications, and Recognition of Prior Learning.
  • communicate  your best practice requirements and individual training and assessment needs to Universities, TAFE’s and RTO’s.
  • Collaboratively assess and select the best training provider to meet your needs.
  • Develop and negotiate Training Service Agreements between your organisation and the training provider.