Eye To Eye – communicating with others

You are a manager, supervisor, team leader, or maybe someone called the boss. You can’t do all the work yourself. You need others to cooperate with you in order to achieve your goals.
Sometimes they just don’t see eye to eye with you on that…
The training examines how communications works between people, the options available, and how to make better choices for better results. The point is to make you a better communicator, and enable you to influence others more effectively.
Incorporating DiSC personality profiling and a 360 degree feedback survey, this training can be tailored to you particular setting and needs, whether a large organization or a small group.

Customers – Serves You Right

Your staff don’t do things primarily for your good, or even for the customer’s good – they do it for their own good. That is sane. And it works.
Great service does not come from tricks or scripts – it comes from having the right attitude, choosing the right behaviours, and getting a win for everyone: staff, customers and the business.

Winning - Dealing With Difficult People

In any conflict situation, there are essentially 5 options. In any given situation, any one of them may be the best option: knowing how to choose is the trick. The truth is we tend to choose the one we are most comfortable with – whether it is the best option for this situation or not.
There are more options that you think.

Risky Business - Harassment and Discrimination

There are only two reasons for doing this training: it could save you a lot of money, and it could save you and your people a lot of misery.
Harassment and discrimination are bad things: they hurt people and can lead to serious consequences for the human beings involved, ranging from frustration and anxiety through to depression and worse. Far worse.
They are also serious risks for your business to consider. They are against the law (quite a lot of laws actually) and they carry potentially serious penalties. There are some simple steps to prevent these things happening, and to manage the risks when they happen anyway. Training is one of them. We can show you how to do the others too.



As an accompaniment  to our workforce development services, Intended Future provides a training consultancy, specialising in the development, delivery and evaluation of competency-based training courses. We also provide Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) consultancy assistance to registered training organisations (RTOs) and their clients.

We offer the following services:

  • Development of learning subject matter that is customized to the needs of the organisation, including:
    • In – house courses
    • Inductions
      • Face to face
      • Self paced
      • On-line
      • Workbook based
  • Accredited training - addressing nationally endorsed competency standards
  • Facilitation of:
    • Courses
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Focus Groups
  • Competency based assessments
  • Evaluation
  • Training needs analysis